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The Next Wave of Digitisation

Tuesday, 28th May 2024

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Accelerating the shift to differentiated value:
Digitalization and mobile technology have revolutionized the world and enriched the lives of almost every person on earth. Over the coming years, we’ll see an acceleration of major cross-industry trends such as electrification, the green revolution, resilient supply chains and efficiency through automation. Join Emilio Romeo as he explores the trends that will enable these transformations and amplify connectivity and digitization for all.

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About Henry Sutton

Henry Sutton was born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1855. He was an Australian designer, engineer and inventor credited with contributions to early developments in electricity, aviation, wireless communication, printing, photography and telephony.   A contemporary of Nikolai Tesla and Alexander Graham Bell he met with each of them to discuss their relative discoveries and inventions.Presenter

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Tue, 28 May 2024

12:00 - 14:00 AEST


Bird & Bird
Level 22, 25 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000


Emilio Romeo

Emilio Romeo was appointed CEO and Managing Director of Ericsson Australia and New Zealand in January 2016. He is member of the Leadership team for Market Area South East Asia, India and Oceania, and leads the Australian and New Zealand leadership team, having previously been a member for over eight years.

Emilio is an experienced business leader with over 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications and IT industry.

As a senior executive at Ericsson for over 20 years, Emilio has held a number of senior leadership roles including Director, Telstra Customer Unit where he was responsible for securing and building Ericsson’s strategic partnership over five years. Prior to this he was the Director, Vodafone Hutchinson Australia Customer Unit and Director, Hutchinson and 3GIS Customer Units. He has also held various Senior Sales and IT Management positions within Ericsson and before this, BHP.

Taking pride in customer relationships, he has been instrumental in driving business and technology evolution for customers across Australia and has played a key role in establishing Ericsson’s market leadership position in the region. Emilio is also passionate about driving a diverse workforce and implementing programs to encourage and cement inclusive work practices.