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Tuesday, 1st December 2020


Dear TelSoc Member,

TelSoc received the following communication from a senior member of the nbn team and thought this might be of interest to TelSoc Members.

The nbn CTO team has been working with industry standardisation body Broadband Forum, of which nbn is a paid member, on their upcoming December Quarter 4 meetings and virtual ‘Broadband acceleration seminar’ (vBASE) series. As a result vBASE meetings are being run at APAC friendly times for the first time, with some local content focus including presentations from nbn. Traditionally these meetings were run to suit North American or European attendees. The original intent was to have these held physically in Melbourne, but the pandemic saw an end to that idea. In addition to the local timezone the seminars are free to anyone including non-BBF members so I though this might be of interest to the Telsoc community.

There is no financial benefit of this exercise to BBF or nbn, I am more interested in the industry knowledge sharing and learning opportunity for the wider technical community. I’m also hoping a good APAC attendance will encourage BBF to take the trouble of moving the event to APAC friendly times more often – hopefully with a physical event in Australia next year once travel restrictions ease.

More info and registration is on the BBF public website here: 


Date and Time

Tue, 1 Dec 2020

08:00 - 08:00 AEDT


Melbourne ACT 2600