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Welcome to the first copy of CommsWire for 2018 from TelSoc.

Welcome to the first copy of CommsWire for 2018 from TelSoc.

This is the final edition of CommsWire for 2017. We will return on 15 January 2018. We wish you a Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Tim Herring and the TelSoc Board

Video streaming threatens mobile network performances: Telstra
There is an emerging threat to the performance of mobile networks with the risk that peak demand from the video streaming explosion might swamp network cell capacity, according to a senior Telstra executive.

Australia-Singapore cable opens up new strategic data route, says Vocus 

ACCC scrutinising NBN service standards in light of increasing complaints

Court action against Optus over allegations of misleading customers on NBN

NBN Co unveils new pricing structure with discounted wholesale costs

Rowland makes NBN an issue ahead of by-election
A watershed test of the effect that the still growing national broadband network fiasco has had on the fortunes of the sitting Government may be displayed at the ballot box next weekend.

Internet Australia calls on ISPs to reimburse NBN consumers
Internet Australia has weighed into the debate about consumers being misled on NBN Internet speeds by telcos, calling on all ISPs to follow Telstra and Optus and reimburse misled FttN customers.

Optus to compensate 8700 NBN customers for slow speeds
Optus has become the second telco to offer compensation to its customers on certain NBN plans, with about 8700 users to be offered "remedies" for being misled about the maximum speeds they could achieve.

Data use in Australia explodes by 43% in past year: ACMA

ACCC says it won?t oppose Fox Sports, Foxtel merger
The competition regulator, the ACCC, says a proposed merger of Fox Sports and Foxtel won?t substantially lessen competition in the market and has now given it the final green light.

TPG, City of Adelaide to partner on 10Gbps network rollout
While the NBN providers struggle to deliver 100Mbps to premium users, the City of Adelaide is partnering with TPG Telecom in a project to deliver a 10 Gigabit fibre-optic data network.

HFC network will need work to be fit for NBN: experts
Technical experts who have closely followed the rollout of the NBN say Telstra's HFC network will need considerable work done on it to meet the needs of NBN customers.

Labor questions timing of NBN HFC delay announcement

ACCC chief fires broadside at telcos over Internet speed ads

Telstra lures high data using SMBs with new broadband offer
Telstra has launched an unlimited broadband data offer in a move which it says is designed to help alleviate the problems of data intensive activities by small businesses.

Telecoms ?most advanced? in digital transformation: report

Turnbull's magic-mushroom NBN is slowly unravelling

NBN Co 'pauses' new HFC orders to fix network issues

Australians to own their own data says Government
The Turnbull Government will legislate a national Consumer Data Right, allowing customers open access to their banking, energy, phone and internet transactions prompt a positive response consumer advocates.

FCC Chair to push for complete repeal of net neutrality
US Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has unveiled a plan to push for the complete repeal of the net neutrality regulations which were put in place by the Obama administration.

Telstra CTO names security as top enterprise technology trend in 2018

NBN Co promises new deal for RSPs and consumers
A new contract signed between NBN Co and phone and internet providers is expected to improve the quality and timeliness of the wholesale services the national broadband network provider offers to RSPs.

TPG, Vocus serve up challenge to Telstra and Optus: report

Rudd blames News Corp ties for 'sub-standard' Coalition NBN

'Double data' drives Vodafone share, Optus and Amaysim grow, Telstra declines

Huawei showcases Smart City Nervous System at SCWEC 2017
Huawei, participating in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2017 (SCEWC) in Barcelona, says it has created a Smart City Nervous System for more than 100 cities with ?leading new ICT?.

NBN Co revenue up, but red ink still on balance sheet

Deutsche Telekom CTO: FTTP goal meant lots of FTTN in Germany

Government launches ?world first? satellite positioning trial
The Australian Government has launched a GeoScience-led trial of what is claimed as ?world-first? satellite positioning technology.

Yes, Optus too may need to refund NBN customers

Telstra agrees to refund 42,000 customers over NBN speed claims
Telstra has been forced to compensate up to 42,000 users of its NBN Internet services after the ACCC censured the carrier for failing to deliver the promised speeds that were advertised.

MyNetFone launches global toll free service
Hosted voice, data communications and VoIP telecoms provider MyNetFone has launched an international toll free service for business consumers, including the small end of town.

Laying of southern portion of Hawaiki cable set to start

ACCC announces public inquiry into NBN wholesale service standards
The ACCC has announced "a public inquiry to determine whether NBN wholesale service standard levels are appropriate, and to consider whether regulation is necessary to improve customer experiences."

ACCC cautious 5G welcome sees competition issues flagged
The ACCC says it is "rethinking the way it approaches spectrum competition issues ahead of the upcoming 5G auction."

Australian Greens says 'yes' to NBN Co debt relief
The Australian Greens says the NBN should prioritise the provision of an essential service ahead of cost recovery and intends to investigate the legislative options for a write-down of NBN Co's debt.

Can ACCC's new study solve the NBN mess?
Can a new report released the ACCC solve the NBN mess or will we just end up with 29 recommendations spanning a wide range of competition and consumer issues in communications markets?

ACMA puts Australia on the road to 5G with spectrum decisions


Vocus readying New Zealand business for sale
The Vocus Group has decided to get its New Zealand operations ready for sale and is finalising the appointment of advisers, the company said on Monday.

ACCC won't declare mobile roaming, still wants to improve regional mobile coverage

Victoria trials first NBN connection using FTTC technology
The National Broadband Network rollout now has its first activation of premises with Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC) technology, heralded by NBN Co as a much cheaper technology delivering substantial cost savings.

Morrow says NBN cannot be compared with NZ rollout

Telco complaints from consumers, SMBs still rife, NBN complaints soar

Telstra on the defensive as increased competition heats up
Telstra has defended its recent poor financial performance as it faces the strong headwinds of stiff market competition and a big hit to its revenues from the National Broadband Network.

NBN under pressure to maintain pace as connections hit 3 million mark

Vocus North-West Cable System is up and running