TelSoc news - 28 April 2017

A number of individuals (including some from TelSoc) have been involved recently in discussions on the NBN using public forums.The problem here is that the discussions can become less than fact-based. 

Resulting from this TelSoc agreed to host a new moderated forum for discussions in the hope that we can address broad topics in a polite and constructive manner. You can find this at: (main menu item Broadband)

Separately, we have been in recent discussions with Internet Australia, Linux Australia and the IT Professionals Association to drive a new conversation with the Australian public and the ICT community regarding the shape of Australia's digital infrastructure post-2020.

This was the idea of George Fong, until recently chairman of Internet Australia, and together we have collaborated to form the Beyond 2020 Alliance.

The background, aims, purpose, constituency and nature of the Alliance are outlined in the attached PDF.
We warmly welcome your feedback, comments and constructive criticism.

This alliance will be made public later today via media outlets.