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Australia smartphone end user shipments plummet in 2019
Australian end user smartphone shipments will suffer a sharp drop of 8.8% in 2019, with a similar drop in New Zealand, both far outpacing a worldwide downturn as users hold on to their handsets ahead of the coming 5G boom.

Samsung, Huawei defy global smartphone decline in Q2 2019
The two largest smartphone sellers Samsung and Huawei managed to defy the global smartphone decline in shipments and grow numbers shipped solidly in the second quarter of 2019. Meanwhile third placed Apple saw iPhone shipments decline precipitously, according to a new report from global research firm Canalysis.

5G network rollouts accelerate, 4G device demand slows says Qualcomm
American processor maker Qualcomm says 5G network rollouts are progressing at a much faster rate when compared to 4G and, on a global scale, it expects over 20 operators to launch 5G service and over 20 OEMs to have 5G devices in the first twelve months after the first commercial launch.

Inmarsat partners with Resolve on African endangered wildlife project
Satellite communications provider Inmarsat has joined forces with Washington based non-profit environmental and health organisation, RESOLVE, to develop a “revolutionary”, satellite-enabled solution - TrailGuard AI - to safeguard endangered wildlife across the African continent.

Intelematics transitions to cloud computing
Mobility services and connected vehicle solutions provider Intelematics is set to finalise its transition to a cloud computing solution, a move the company says will give it the ability to provide solutions.