CommsWire - 1 August 2019 Special Edition

An iTWire publication complimentary to TelSoc financial members.

Disclaimer: The content and any views expressed in CommsWire do not necessarily represent the views of TelSoc, its board or its members. Members and others may submit comments subject to TelSoc publication Guidelines.

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You may have noticed that CommsWire has been failing to get through recently.

This has been due to mail being wrongly classified at our hosting service in the USA as spam - most frustrating. In particular my email was on a mail-send stop for ten days. Thankfully we have cleared all that up (I hope!)

Rather than sending out a storm of past CommsWires (and re-creating the problem?), I have posted them all online on the website: 

If you are a paid-up Financial Member, you will be able to download as many PDFs of past copies as you want. If you are a (non-paying) Guest Member, then please just browse the headlines!

TelSoc only manages to survive by the annual payments of Financial Members, so I would encourage anyone to sign-up as a member for the laughably low price of $120 pa (no GST) - and that is tax deductible in most cases. 

Either click "Renew membership" on the left of the Home Page or go here to see the benefits and click "Join TelSoc". Payment is easiest by Credit Card using PayPal (we don't see your details).

CommsWire will start again tomorrow.