CommsWire - 26 July 2019

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5G demand drives market growth for Nokia
Finnish telecommunications equipment vendor Nokia says strong demand for 5G has driven growth in its business for the second quarter and helped the company achieve “compelling results’ for the full year 2019.

O2 to launch UK's third 5G service in October
Britain will get its third 5G service in the same month that Brexit has been promised, with O2 announcing on Thursday that its network would be switched on in October in 20 towns and cities, expanding to 50 by summer next year.

2Q smartphone shipments to India hit record: Counterpoint
Thirty-seven million smartphone units were shipped to India in the second quarter of 2019, a record for this period, according to the analyst firm Counterpoint Research, which said the growth was due to new launches, price cuts on existing products and channel expansion across brands.

Apple takes majority stake in Intel's smartphone modem business
Apple has bought a majority stake in Intel's smartphone modem business for US$1 billion and about 2200 Intel employees will move to the Cupertino-based iPhone maker, along with intellectual property, equipment and leases.

US calls for backdoors in apps that use encryption
The United States has called for the creation of backdoors in apps that use encryption, arguing that consumers should accept this risk to allow law enforcement access to encrypted communications.