CommsWire - 22 July 2019

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ISP backs NBN Co's efforts to make gigabit speeds possible on HFC
The NBN Co's efforts to make it possible to get gigabit speeds on HFC will help alleviate the scaling problem that exists due to the pricing model for CVC, according to the head of a small ISP.

Pennytel pairs low-cost phones with low-cost plans 
MNF Group subsidiary Pennytel has begun selling handsets rather than just SIMs and plans. Its first two handsets are the Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 with both models aggressively priced at an introductory offer until mid-August.

Optus adds Apple Music trial to mobile plans
Singtel-owned Optus has begun offering new and re-contracting mobile customers on "selected" plans a six or 12 month trial of Apple Music.

NEC Australia seeks compensation for terminated biometric services contract
NEC Australia is taking court action to seek financial compensation over the termination of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Biometric Identification Services project for which it was contracted two years ago.

Kleos satellite launch re-scheduled for later this year
Luxembourg-based space technology operator Kleos Space says its scouting mission satellite launch period has been extended to October this year by launch provider Rocket Lab.