CommsWire - 1 July 2019

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New rules give stronger protections to consumers: ACMA
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), says telco consumers will now be better protected under new consumer protection rules it has just introduced.

NBN Co's increased CVC for 100Mbps plans offers only small boost
The NBN Co's decision to offer an increase in the CVC included with 100Mbps plans from 2.5Mbps to 3Mbps will not provide a speed boost to the extent that those reading certain media outlets would expect, the head of a small Tasmanian retail service provider says.

US position on Huawei ban unclear after Trump comments
ANALYSIS: Not for the first time, people around the world are struggling to understand one of US President Donald Trump's pronouncements, this one being about the Chinese telecommunications equipment vendor Huawei Technologies.

Nokia slaps down CTO for comments about Huawei ’flaws’
Finnish telecommunications equipment vendor Nokia has slapped down its chief technology officer after he made comments to the BBC on Thursday, claiming that Chinese rival Huawei's equipment was full of security vulnerabilities.

NTT merges divisions to launch new US$11B global business
Giant Japanese telecommunications carrier Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) has swallowed up its Dimension Data business in the merger of its communications and security businesses into one US$11 billion global business to be headquartered in London.