CommsWire - 27 June 2019

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Audit office casts doubts on NBN Co ability to repay $19.5b govt loan
Doubts have been cast on the NBN Co's financial projections and its ability to repay the $19.5 billion that it has been loaned by the Federal Government, with a report from the Australian National Audit Office putting the chances of its financial statements being incorrect as "high".

Amazon Web Services signs whole-of-govt deal with Canberra
Amazon Web Services has signed a whole-of-government deal with the Federal Government, enabling federal, state and territory agencies, as well as public universities and publicly-owned companies to use AWS Cloud services.

Ericsson plans first fully automated ‘smart factory’ for US market
Swedish telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson is planning to build its first fully-automated smart factory in the US to produce advanced antenna system radios for rapid 5G deployments.

Oppo plays hide the camera with full screen display
Fast growing Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has revealed its latest approach to locating the front-facing camera underneath a device's screen with its latest full screen notchless display.

ACMA to propose area-wide apparatus licence type
The telecommunications regulator, The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), is proposing to develop a new transmitter and receiver licence type, referred to as the area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) type.