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US 5G equipment move 'could hit' Nokia, Ericsson operations
Telecommunications equipment vendors Nokia and Ericsson may be forced to move a good part of their operations out of China if a proposed move by the US, to make it mandatory that an 5G equipment used within the country be designed and made outside China, comes into force.

Australian Internet pioneer says future does not look so bright
The first employee of Australia's Academic and Research Network, Geoff Huston, played a pivotal role in setting up the Internet in this country 30 years ago. He believes the Internet has become a toxic wasteland with inadequate security.

First packets transmitted on Internet Down Under 30 years ago
Sunday marked 30 years since the first packets were transmitted on the Internet in Australia. The network came to Australia because of a recognition by the Australian Vice Chancellors' Committee, now Universities Australia, that the country was suffering a serious brain drain as many researchers were leaving the country.

Emerging markets lead developed markets in cellular data traffic growth
There is much greater scope for further cellular data traffic increases in emerging markets than in developed markets due to the absence of high fixed wireline broadband penetration, according to a new global report.

When one man ran the Australian domain name system
A lone individual, Robert Elz, managed the domain name system for the .au domain from the time Australia hooked up to the Internet until he was forced to pass it over to a the current organisation, auDA, in 2001.