CommsWire - 20 June 2019

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NBN Co set to issue wholesale pricing review paper
Australian national broadband provider NBN Co is set to issue a wholesale pricing review to a number of telecommunications providers on Thursday in a bid to quell disquiet in the industry.

NBN Co consultation will not solve basic wholesale pricing issue: Budde
Australian telecommunications consultant Paul Budde says while the NBN Co's latest bid to hold a consultation on pricing is better than nothing, it is unlikely to resolve the fundamental issues that are posed by the wholesale pricing.

NBN mess: Labor's sin compounded by Coalition's MTM
COMMENT: The Australian Labor Party's obsession with neo-liberal economics has doomed the NBN from the time it set up NBN Co in 2009 to build a country-wide network that would be unfit for purpose. Thursday's patchwork approach by NBN Co to filling up the cracks is just the latest indication of this.

Motorola completes Victoria Police managed service rollout
Motorola Solutions has completed the rollout of a new mobility managed service to Victoria Police, designed to enable increased situational awareness, safety and productivity on the front line.

Hawaiki opens new direct network route to Los Angeles
New Zealand cable operator Hawaiki Submarine Cable has expanded its subsea network with a new direct route to Los Angeles which is claimed to give clients operating between Australia, New Zealand and the US better connectivity and diversity of routes.