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Trade war: Cook does not fear that China will target Apple
Apple chief executive Tim Cook says he does not anticipate that China will target Apple as a means of retaliating for US actions in the ongoing trade war.

China tightens South Korea visa rules after Huawei rebuff
China has tightened business visa rules for citizens of US ally South Korea, after Seoul chose telecommunications providers other than Huawei for its upcoming network projects.

Infosys launches Melbourne 5G Living Lab
Indian IT outsourcing firm Infosys has launched its Melbourne 5G Living Lab, that the company says will help organisations to become “live enterprises” by imagining and creating new economies with 5G technology - while simultaneously supporting communication service providers to accelerate and monetise their 5G network deployment.

Aruba deploys solutions to help Presbyterian Ladies College with NAPLAN testing
Melbourne’s Presbyterian Ladies College has chosen User Experience Insight solutions from network solutions provider Aruba to continuously monitor its network connectivity and performance.

Academic computer networks ‘prime targets’ for security attackers
Academic computer networks are often exceptionally large and diverse, and are notoriously challenging to secure and monitor, which can make them prime targets for attackers, according to comments made by one security firm in the wake of a data breach at the Australian National University.