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Vodafone reallocates spectrum for big 4G push; Amcom signs ?biggest? Cisco deal with UoM; ACMA launches website for wireless mic users; SDN to ?take over the data centre?; Nokia trials 4G for TV broadcasting; ANALYSIS One billion smartphones will ship this year.

A NBN will pick its own cherries from September
Rollout data from Telstra shows that NBN fibre to the basement services to some apartment buildings will begin as early as September.

CommsWire 28 July 2014

CommsWire 25 July 2014

Latest FAD consultation process begins
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released a discussion paper on pricing for the regulated fixed line services supplied using Telstra?s copper network.

CommsWire Weekly     25 July 2014

COVER STORY ? Telstra sends more jobs to Asia 

Hutch numbers show VHA has slowed decline

Latest FAD consultation process begins

Apple?s half denial confirms iOS ?back door?

CommsWire 24 July 2014

Telstra sends more jobs to Asia
When Telstra boss David Thodey said the company?s future is in Asia, he was right. That?s where many of the company?s jobs are headed.

CommsWire 23 July 2014

CommsWire 22 July 2014

ACMA hosts regional regulators? meeting ? ?strength in diversity?
The Australian Communications and Media Authority is playing host to the fourth Asia Pacific Regulators Roundtable, being held this week in Sydney.

CommsWire 21 July 2014

ECONOMUSE     Can we go faster and cheaper, please?
The focus to-date has been on rolling-out the NBN faster and cheaper. The NBN does need to be faster and cheaper ? but to its users.

Telstra wins $200 million in NBN court stoush; Unpicking the cherry picking ? what Vertigan means for TPG; Where to now for the Senate NBN Committee?; Collaboration a big boost to local economy; CloudFlare picks Equinix for big expansion; Digital watermarking may end piracy.


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