The Next Wave of Digital Society

This paper outlines three areas in which communication researchers can offer insights on the ongoing development of a digital society: infrastructure development, the role of mobile connectivity, and the need for better data through which to understand access to, and engagement in, digital society. The paper offers a discussion of digital society, then outlines a variety of research questions that can be explored to help shape digital society in citizen-centric ways. It concludes by noting the value of research as a means of introducing alternative perspectives to discourses about digital society.

Peter Rossi

Peter Rossi, CTO Huawei Australia, will speak on: Evolution direction of digital society; Major trends we see in the digital society evolution and the driving force behind these trends; and Challenges we are facing, and more importantly, the measures to address these challenges.

Peter Rossi - CTO Huawei Australia


Tue, 27 Aug 2013 - 12:30pm AEST


Melbourne, VIC
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