CommsWire - 16 April 2018

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NBN Co says one million have upgraded to faster NBN speeds in last four months
NBN Co has reported the number of Australian homes and business connected to higher speed NBN plans "has more than doubled with new figures revealing more than one million people have upgraded their Internet speeds in the last four months."

Aussies adopt mobile-first approach for travel
Most Australians use their mobile phones when making travel queries on Google, according to a new report which also reveals the "mobile-first" trend is also dominant amongst international travellers planning trips to the Australia-New Zealand region.

Rowland swipes at Turnbull over NBN cost claims
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been accused of citing incorrect figures during a radio interview last week about the Labor Party's expenditure on the national broadband network.

Cohda claims ?world first? system to beat GPS blackspots
Australian Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology company Cohda Wireless has released a claimed world-first vehicle positioning system that it says eliminates GPS blackspots that exist in so-called ?urban canyons? between high-rise buildings.

auDA chair says ex-directors referred to Vic Police
The feud within the ranks of the au Domain Administration, the body responsible for the Australian domain namespace, is likely to be fuelled up a notch by the claim made by chair Chris Leptos that the practices of several former auDA directors have been referred to the police in Victoria.

More changes to auDA policy review panel
The au Domain Administration has lost a number of members from its policy review panel, according to an announcement from John Swinson, chairman of the panel.



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