About TelSoc

TelSoc Vision

Telecommunications plays an increasingly central and critical role in the fabric of our modern digital society.

TelSoc exists to maximise the effectiveness of telecommunications in Australia.


















TelSoc's Purpose

TelSoc's mission is to provide a focus for Australian Telecommunications in the following areas:

  • The dissemination of new information
  • To encourage productive debate
  • A platform to illuminate what the future holds
  • To stress the importance of excellence in Telecommunications
  • To provide professional networking between people in all roles in the Telecommunications Community
  • To enable lifelong learning in Telecommunications for all related professionals



TelSoc believes in the importance of:

  • Taking pride in the Telecommunications industry or profession
  • Good decisions made on the best possible information
  • Professionalism in what we do and enable
  • Even-handed, factually based, well-argued alternative views
  • A multidisciplinary approach, involving all roles in the Telecommunications Community
  • Enthusiasm in all things

The TelSoc Community

TelSoc embraces all those in the broader telecommunications community:

  • Engineering,  Information Technology, Academia, Students, Sales & Marketing, Legal, Manufacturers, Media, Service Providers, Corporates, Government & Regulatory, SMEs, Consultants and others

TelSoc Board

  • Reg Coutts (President)
  • Tim Herring (Treasurer)
  • Ken Sayers
  • Craig Watkins
  • Peter Triantafilou
  • Greg Paynter
  • Tim Bates
  • Peter Elford
  • Peter Hitchiner


  • Tim Herring Executive Director
  • Penny Fraser Executive Secretary